We offer...
List of our services:
  • Designing and planning all kinds of Islamic architecture
  • Islamic art consultancy
  • Conducting Islamic art courses
    • Islamic geometric pattern
    • Tazhib
    • Islamic calligraphy
    • Gol o Morgh
    • Negargari 
  • Developing Artistic products
We have a flexible business model, we offer a group of talented individuals that works as a team to bring to our customers most comprehensive project management and executions possible in a lean and efficient way to make this world richer and more beautiful place with our past heritage and history, to keep our art alive preventing from going extent.

​We always explore new possibilities from the past and customize it to suit our present and future.

we offer a complete range of art consulting services including designing, planning and installation worldwide..

We offer Islamic art programs to educate people and transfer the knowledge of our rich Islamic heritage by using creative tools and techniques learned through experiences over many years.

We offer custom design artistic products that are specially created by our expert used for education and play.  
Our Team
  1. Designers
    We bring best possible designers for the task in hand, our designers are experienced to do a different artistic works like graphic, sculpture, artifact, Islamic patterns designs and more.
  2. Architects
    We are able to design any Islamic art structure weather it is a small mosque or a national museum.
  3. Craftsmen
    Our skilled people have many years of experience that can transform a simple wall to an art masterpiece.
  4. Trainers
    With years of experience come the ability to transfer that knowledge to new people willing to make this world a more beautiful place.